I loved the 6 week parent workshop. It was a pleasure having Mr. Gregory serve as a teacher/mentor for parenting methods that are really effective. I learned an abundance of information that I was able to implement in my personal life and share with others. The workshop itself was more than just a parenting workshop, it served as a place that I felt secure and had support that extended beyond parenting issues. I learned more about myself and about relationships as well. It was an amazing experience overall and I would recommend the workshop for others as well, regardless of race, social status, and marital status.
— A parent graduate from the seven week Parent Health & Wellness Workshop led by Dr. Henry Gregory

Facilitated by a lead partner agency, a community school is a network of partnerships between a Baltimore City Public School and other community resources that promote student achievement and family and community well-being. These partnerships allow the school to become a resource to the Upton/Druid Heights community and offer programs and opportunities that are open to all. The community school strategy focuses on academic enrichment, health, social/emotional development, and family and community engagement. Many of the activities, programs, and interventions implemented address attendance, school climate, and parent and community involvement. Primary funding is provided by the Family League of Baltimore.

There are five public schools in Upton/Druid Heights—serving approximately 1800 students—and all are community schools led by Promise Heights. Each school is staffed by a Community School Coordinator who does a school and community needs assessment to determine what sort of partnerships will best benefit students, families, staff, and the wider community. Under the Promise Heights model, each Community School Coordinator is a licensed social worker so as to provide additional support to students and teachers around mental health and classroom management.


A public elementary school with  students from Pre-k through 5th Grade.

Amani Warren, LMSW


·       B’more for Healthy Babies Satellite at Pedestal Gardens

·       Judy Center

·       Two Pre-K classrooms

·       Child First Authority After-school Program


Furman L. Templeton Preparatory Academy (CS since SY2015-16)

A year-round public charter school with students from Pre-K through 5th Grade.

Meaghan tine, LMSW


·       Little Flowers Day Care

·       Head Start

·       Two Pre-K Classrooms

·       Child First Authority After-school Program

·       Experience Corps

·       Reading Partners


The Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary (CS since SY2011-12)

A public elementary school with X students from Pre-K through 5th Grade.

Ghorpu Woah-Tee, MBA


·       2015 Award for Excellence from Coalition for Community Schools

·       Head Start

·       Three Pre-K Classrooms

·       PRIDE program

·       BELL After-school Program

·       Weinberg Library

·       Experience Corps

·       Reading Partners


Booker T. Washington Middle School for the Arts (CS since SY2016-17)

A public middle school with an arts focus with students from 6th through 8th Grades.

mariel Pfister, LCSW-C


·       BELL After-school Program

·       BSO OrchKids After-school Program


Renaissance Academy High School (CS since SY2014-15)

A public high school focused on law, justice, and government with students from 9th through 12th Grades.

Hallie Atwater, LCSW-C


·       9th through 12th Grades

·       Seeds of Promise After-school and Mentoring Program

·       BUILD Youth Ambassadors