The Parent University Program is spotlighted in a national publication.

An article written by Dr. Kyla Liggett-Creel, Britney Pitts, Bronwyn Mayden and Richard P. Barth will be published by the Children and Youth Services Review in their fall issue, Volume 81, October 2017.

The Parent University Program: Factors predicting change in responsive parenting behaviors


Few evidence-based parenting programs exist for children under the age of three and even fewer have been rigorously evaluated in comparison to parenting programs for older children. The Parent University Program (PUP), was developed to serve parents with children birth through three who lived in southwest Baltimore. Parent-child dyads (N = 86) participated in the parenting program with the goal of increasing responsive parenting skills.

Participants of the PUP showed a significant increase in responsive parenting behaviors. Participants in this open trial study who completed pre-test, post-test, and follow-up assessments showed a significant change from clinical to non-clinical status after attending the PUP. Neither the type of facilitator nor the number of hours attended showed an association with changing parenting behaviors. The age of the child was associated with the change in responsive parenting. Parents of older children in the birth to three age range had higher scores at pre-test and showed less change over time. The results of this study suggest that the Parent University Program was associated with positive change in responsive parenting behaviors for parents with children birth through three years of age.

Citation: Liggett-Creel, K., Barth, R. P., Mayden, B., & Pitts, B. E. (2017). The Parent University Program: Factors predicting change in responsive parenting behaviors. Children And Youth Services Review, 8110-20. doi:10.1016/j.childyouth.2017.07.017

You can download and read the full article via the Science Direct website. Congratulations to Ms. Pitts on her first publication and Dr. Liggett-Creel for the success of the program.