Results-Based Accountability Workshop Shows Promise Heights and Partners a New Way To Do Community Development


This week the Promise Heights staff and several of our community partners participated in a workshop covering the essential components of results-based accountability (RBA), asset-based community development (ABCD), and collective impact. The workshop, facilitated by Clear Impact, lasted eleven hours and was held over the course of two days. Our staff and partners learned how to effectively track the performance of our programs, measure the impact of our work, and report on the progress of our collaborative efforts to improve the lives of children, families, and the community in West Baltimore.

Following the workshop, Shindonna Matthews, a Director of Program Implementation at BellXcel and Promise Heights partner was asked about her takeaways from the workshop. Matthews said, "It was awesome, engaging, and enlightening as far as how to engage people in the work we do, and not just engage the people we hire, but engaging the entire community. That is something I am taking away."

Matthews continued to say, "it changes the perspective. It changes the focus. It's not just about us and what we do. It's about what the community has to offer and bringing them in to do what they do. So that we all are doing together."

Promise Heights staff and its community partners are integrating these lessons and frameworks into organizational DNAs, letting it improve how we work. By incorporating ABCD, collective impact, and RBA frameworks we envision higher levels of commitment from community residents and partners, improved understanding of our individual and programmatic contributions to results, and decreased time between moving from plan to action.

The Results-Based Accountability workshop and Scorecard training relates to Promise Heights’ Promise Neighborhood grant and is required by the US Dept of Education.